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As one of the most trusted land surveyors in Melbourne, our firm has established itself with developers and councils alike, with over 50 years of service to our clients and community.

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Consultancy Services to the Local Government Industry

Barker Monahan works on large and small development projects for residential, commercial, and industrial properties with our range of land surveying and town planning services.

As a trusted partner within the local government industry, Barker Monahan’s reputation of reliability has been established over 50 years of practice, and forms part of our strong legacy as town planners and land surveyors in Melbourne.

Our specialised services include:

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Barker Monahan – a reliable consultant to local government and councils.

With over 50 years of track history, Barker Monahan has earned a strong reputation amongst local government and councils as premier town planners and land surveyors in Melbourne.

Our versatility and range of town planning and land surveying services means we can offer holistic advice on the development of large and small projects for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

Our understanding of local governments is second to none. We are intimately familiar with the different councils, their varying rules, regulations, and how each planning application that comes across their desk should look like.

This knowledge and experience, combined with our constant evolution to adapt to the latest technologies and best practices, means Barker Monahan is perfectly positioned to deliver positive project outcomes within your given timelines.

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I am confident it has saved my family and I a lot of stressful months waiting for an outcome that was unlikely to come. Lorenzo’s advice has provided a platform for us to make an informed decision on either modifying the plans or looking at other alternatives.

-Phillip M.

I’m feeling a lot more confident about the project after speaking with Laurie and the architecture group and I look forward to engaging Laurie’s services for this and future projects. After only two meetings, I am well on the way to getting fresh architectural plans drawn up and I look forward to having these plans to council within 6-7 weeks!

-Nicole T.

I have used Terrain Consulting for both personal and professional matters and would not only have no hesitation in recommending them but would go one step further and strongly urge you use them in every instance. The advice I have received has saved both myself and my clients time, money and in some instances, it has uncovered fatal flaws with some property develop options.

-Phillip M.

Laurie’s warm, friendly manner, breadth of knowledge and professional approach was comforting and appreciated. The information has been invaluable, I would not hesitate in recommending Laurie to anyone who is interested in developing a property and is unsure about what can be achieved and how to go about it.

-Anna B.

l would like to thank you both for your professional conduct and the hard work you have put in for us to get the subdivision. It’s been a long and stressful journey and we could not have asked for two better people to have on board.

-Toscas Family

Professional helpful service delivered within the agreed timeframe. Happy to answer all my silly questions even after the bills have been paid. Would definitely use these guys again.


Lorenzo Rigoni is an excellent town planning consultant. His knowledge of council requirements and regulations is valuable. Also, he has extensive VCAT representation experience, where he argues firmly but fairly. He explains things in plain English and gets the job done in a timely manner. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lorenzo if you’re looking for someone to represent you at VCAT in relation to fighting Council decisions on town planning applications.

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