Principal Town Planning Consultants To Local Government And Councils

For some, the words “town planning” would be enough to send shivers down their spine. Others still have grand plans for their property, but may not be well-versed in town planning and how it will affect their future property plans.

Fortunately, Barker Monahan has specialist town planning consultants in Melbourne that are more than happy to help property owners achieve their property dreams.

Whether you are a full-scale property developer, a property investor, or a homeowner looking to extract the maximum value from your property, Barker Monahan’s town planners in Melbourne can help guide you through every aspect of the town planning process.

As experienced town planners in Melbourne, Barker Monahan is adept at helping our clients plot a path toward town planning success. You can have complete confidence in our town planning services and knowledge of various local councils across Melbourne.

Whether you are turning a single dwelling into three units, several hectares into a new estate or a block of units into an apartment complex, you will need expert town planning services to help guide you through local laws and regulations to turn your plans into a reality.

Essentially, town planning revolves around understanding the lay of the land, what is permissible where you are building, and how your development will affect the surrounding area.

The term town planning is also often interchangeable with the below specialisations:

Urban Planning - Inner city and suburban planning. Typically deals with medium and high-density housing and mixed-use developments.

Peri-Urban Planning - A mix between urban and rural planning. Usually occurs on the urban fringe.

Rural Planning – Planning for agricultural land use and land fragmentation in rural areas.

Coastal Planning - Typically deals with planning in coastal areas and accounts for additional factors such as rising sea levels.

As town planning consultants in Melbourne, we first consider what you plan to do with your property in relation to local laws and regulations. By compiling expert advice and recommendations from industry professionals, we then put forward an application with the best chance of approval from the local government.

Being premier town planners in Melbourne, Barker Monahan brings strong expertise across all aspects of town planning to the table. You can be confident in our ability to help you achieve your property goals, whether it’s in the heart of Melbourne or rural Victoria.


Why Use Barker Monahan’s Town Planning Services?

At Barker Monahan, we have a proud reputation of being reliable town planning consultants in Melbourne, with our staff having seasoned experience working within local councils.

Through our understanding of local government, we are well versed in the varying rules and regulations of different councils, and what they want to see in the planning applications that come across their desk.

As town planners in Melbourne, we understand the town planning process from start to finish, and can provide all types of developers a professional and holistic suite of services,

Barker Monahan can help you:

  • Analyse your property plans and advise you on how to improve them
  • Provide realistic feedback on your development plans before the application process
  • Prepare and submit a planning application
  • Prepare for potential objections and answer them if present
  • Represent you at VCAT 
  • Provide expert evidence at VCAT

Furthermore, our ability to foster close working relationships with specialised consultants –  such as traffic engineers, architects, landscapers, heritage consultants, arborists, and ecologists – ensures our town planners in Melbourne work smoothly to achieve the best results possible.

Engage Barker Monahan’s expert town planning services during any point of your town planning process, for both great advice and even better solutions, by providing additional clarity and a detailed planning process and approval applications you can trust.

Large or small, we can help with your Land Surveying and Town Planning needs