Barker Monahan’s land surveying services will help you understand the lay of your land and what is possible on your property.

When it comes to property development, land surveying is one of the first and most important steps.

Before your architect can draw their first draft, they’re going to need some information about the land you’re looking to build on.

How big is the block of land?

Where exactly are the boundaries? Do they match the title?

What is the slope of the land?

Where are the neighbour’s overlooking windows?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered when you survey a block of land.

Land surveying is such a crucial step of the property development and town planning processes because it will determine what is and isn’t possible to design and develop on your property. 

Barker Monahan brings over 50 years of land surveying experience to the table and over the years has established itself as a trusted consultant to local councils, developers and mum-and-dad investors alike.

Our land surveying specialists will provide you and your other consultants a crystal-clear picture of the land you are developing and the opportunities that exist within it.

Coupled with our comprehensive land subdivision and town planning services, our surveys are complemented with expert subdivision and planning advice, meaning Barker Monahan can guide you through the development process.

What is Land Surveying?

The essence of surveying is dealing with land and the title that describes it.

Effectively, it is the art of assessing a piece of land and determining if it is as the title describes it.


Are the fences in the right place? If not, how far out are they?

Are there easements on the title? If so, where are they?

“What is an easement? An easement acknowledges the right of other people to use your land for a certain reason. Typically, an easement will allow council access to your land for an old sewer, gas or water main and therefore no structure can be built over an easement.”

Are there restrictive covenants on the title? If so, what are they?

“What is a restrictive covenant? A restrictive covenant is a written agreement that is placed onto the land title and limits what can be built on the lot and/or how that parcel of land can be used. An example of a restrictive covenant is a “single-dwelling covenant”. This covenant would restrict the landowner from subdividing the property and building two units. A land surveyor can help you apply to Council to remove a restrictive covenant.”


The answer to those three questions alone will already impact what your architect can or can’t design for your intended development.

This process is important because over time, property and land will have changed.

Land surveying helps to pick up the pieces of what has changed or happened to a piece of land over the years.


There are several different types of land surveys.

Land & Building Subdivision Survey

Our Melbourne land surveying services at Barker Monahan are dedicated to creating any type of subdivisions, ranging from small infills parcels of land to large broadacre sites, large greenfield and industrial estates, commercial and multi-storey high-rise developments. Although the subdivision process can be quite complicated and expensive, Barker Monahan aims to provide a simplified process, guiding you through the entire process from start through to the end.

Title Re-establishment

To determine the location of legal title boundaries relative to existing occupation surrounding the site, title re-establishment surveys are taken. We will make comparisons to existing fencing and buildings, mark title boundaries and provide extensive advice on issues and rights regarding the title. A re-establishment plan will be in place to indicate any issues on the process.

In cases where construction will occur on or near the title boundary, where there are fencing disputes with neighbours or you’re buying and selling a property, a title re-establishment is usually required.

Feature & Level Survey

At Barker Monahan, our land survey services include feature and level surveys that suit a variety of needs. Required by Council for town planning and building applications, the feature and level survey is usually done in conjunction with the title re-establishment survey. 

Our land survey services include urban and rural land subdivisions, building subdivisions and title re-establishment surveys, together with feature and level survey plans and site analysis plans for development proposals.

Developing land is a costly exercise, and crucial to any project’s success is the quality of work that goes into its planning and preparation.

A thorough and reliable land survey is a crucial part of those early stages in preparing for success.

As a reliable and trusted land surveying company in Melbourne, Barker Monahan has helped lay the foundations for many developments, subdivisions and re-establishments, working with everyone from local government and developers, right through to mum-and-dad investors.


Barker Monahan - Land Survey Experts You Can Trust

Barker Monahan has been completing all types of land surveys over the course of our 50 years in business.

We are a trusted consultant to local councils and local government industry for their land surveying needs, an experience which also makes us a favourite amongst private land developers and property investors.

Whilst land surveying is often the first step in a larger property development journey, Barker Monahan’s in-house land subdivision and town planning experts mean we are here for you on every step of that journey.

We understand the land development process from start to finish ensuring Barker Monahan can provide developers of all shapes and sizes a professional and holistic suite of services.

Specialist relationships to ensure your project goes to plan

Our ability to foster close working relationships with a number of specialized consultants, such as traffic engineers, architects, landscapers, heritage consultants, arborists and ecologists ensures your team of specialists works smoothly to achieve the best result possible.

Barker Monahan’s expert land surveying services will help you with your tentative first steps, however, we are equally equipped to walk with you on your property development journey, thanks to our in-house land subdivisions and town planning expertise.

Whether you are looking for some advice on what is viable before you purchase a property, or stuck in the middle of the planning process and can’t seem to navigate the objections of the council and/or the local community, Barker Monahan can be relied upon for great advice and even better solutions.

Large or small, we can help with your Land Surveying and Town Planning needs