Barker Monahan can help you with all your rezoning needs for your next property project.

Rezoning land is a complicated, but often crucial, process when it comes to greenfield developments.

Rezoning usually deals with much more drastic changes in land use.

Typically, rezoning is required when developing brand new estates because it means taking land which has been previously zoned for industrial or agricultural use and rezoning it into residential or mixed-use land.

Rezoning is also common in rural or regional areas when land which has been previously zoned for a certain type of agriculture is rezoned to another type.

Barker Monahan has extensive experience in helping its clients and indeed local councils across Melbourne with the rezoning of land.

What is rezoning?

Rezoning is the process by which a parcel of land is rezoned from one type, such as industrial, to another, such as residential.

Land zones dictate what type of building and what type of use can be built and/or conducted on that land.

In other words, you can’t build a residential home in an industrial zone, just like you can’t build a commercial factory in a residential zone.

Or at least, you can’t without rezoning that particular parcel of land.

Zoning is important because it assists in the town planning process and also offers protections to various different types of land use.

A successful rezone will need to establish why such a change is required and how that change is going to affect the surrounding areas.

The rezoning process

Depending on the nature of the rezoning taking place, there is a lot of groundwork which may need to go into the project.

Barker Monahan’s extensive experience in helping clients with rezoning applications can help you get your project on track.

Typically, rezoning can take years to complete, so it's important to partner with a town planning consultant who can help to ensure that there are no delays in an already lengthy process.

One of the more common rezoning applications taking place at the moment is where farming land on the fringes of Melbourne is being rezoned for the establishment of residential housing and estates.

This process involves the creation of a Precinct Structure Plan, which is a forward-looking document which provides a vision for the next 20 years.

These documents involve the overview of the growth area planning and the engagement of public and private sectors.

Other types of rezoning can be slightly quicker.

Simpler types of rezoning between different residential uses can just require a procedural rezoning process with the Council, but even these can often require a panel hearing, which is different from a VCAT hearing.

The panel then provides advice to the Council, which can then decide to accept or reject the advice.

Why Use Barker Monahan’s Rezoning Property Consultants?

The town planners at Barker Monahan have years of experience helping our clients achieve their rezoning goals.

Our holistic range of town planning and land surveying services ensures we are well-placed to help you organise and arrange everything you need to develop a strong rezoning application and accompanying reports.

Barker Monahan is a trusted consultant to many of Melbourne’s local councils for their own land surveying, town planning and rezoning work and many of our staff have great experience working within different councils.

Large or small, we can help with your Land Surveying and Town Planning needs