The Importance of Accurate Boundary Surveys for Property Transactions

Purchasing a property is one of the most significant financial investments one can make during their lifetime. Hence, it is...

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Your Guide To The Subdivision Process In Victoria

The process of land subdivision in Melbourne can be complicated and time-consuming for a layperson, especially a first-timer. Various legal...

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Benefits of Engaging a Town Planner For Your Planning Application

Whether you are renovating your property or subdividing your land, chances are that you require the services of experienced town...

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How To Apply For A Planning Permit In Victoria

If you are considering a new build or a redevelopment, there is a lot of information online relating to residential...

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Understanding Planning Permit, Zoning & Approvals For Your Business

For some business owners, the thought of having to submit planning permits or approvals can seem like a daunting prospect;...

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Terrain Consulting Group Trekked 30km in the 2022 Coastrek Point Nepean Walk

On Friday 27 May 2022, Terrain Consulting Group trekked 30km in the 2022 Coastrek Point Nepean walk.   Whilst it...

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Barker Monahan’s response to COVID-19

Barker Monahan has adopted a pro-active approach to the evolving challenges that COVID-19 presents to the business community. Adaptive strategies...

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2019 End of Year Christmas Celebration

At Terrain Consulting Group and Barker Mohanan, we work hard and we also play hard. Both teams got together for...

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Professional testimonials for Terrain Consulting Group

As part of the Terrain Consulting Group family, our qualified and experienced team prides itself on helping projects come to...

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Benefits Of Enlisting The Help Of A Town Planning Consultant For Your Next Development Project

When it comes to your next development project, town planning consultants can benefit you in several different ways. These professionals...

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A Celebration Of Our Acquisition of Barker Monahan Land Surveyors

On November 8th, Terrain Consulting Group hosted a launch event to celebrate our acquisition of Barker Monahan Land Surveyors, a...

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What the planning process looks like in town planning

Every successful development comes down to solid planning. The planning solutions at Barker Monahan involve strategic thinking and clear presentation...

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