What the planning process looks like in town planning

14 August, 2019

Every successful development comes down to solid planning. The planning solutions at Barker Monahan involve strategic thinking and clear presentation of proposals and findings.

The town planning process at Barker Monahan:

Planning Applications
We work closely with the client, designer and council officers to facilitate positive outcomes within project timelines.

Planning Reports
Create detailed planning reports that assess a proposal against the range of policies, strategies and provisions of the planning scheme.

Representation at Council Meetings
We excel in professional representation at such forums where we focus on facilitating positive resolutions.

Representation at VCAT (Merits Hearing)
We provide management and advocacy of appeals in town planning.

Planning Scheme Amendments
We also manage planning amendments which require detailed submissions.


Everything we do at Barker Monahan is designed to facilitate a smooth process for our clients. For a more in-depth look at the planning process within Barker Monahan, visit our services page.

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