Creativity to optimise site profitability

11 April, 2019
barker monahan town planning land surveyor

Our wealth of experience means that we have seen almost everything and know how to think outside the box.

When we undertake a land survey job, we use the latest technology to get the most accurate readings. Our sophisticated software and experienced minds offer creative solutions that aim to optimise site profitability for our clients.

We at Barker Monahan ensure that we are available for our clients throughout the whole process of the development. It’s a journey that runs smoothly with dedicated professionals on the job from the start, right through to project completion.

We work on the development of projects large and small for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties.

Our services include:

  • Urban and rural land subdivisions
  • Building subdivisions and title re-establishment surveys
  • Feature and level survey plans
  • Site analysis plans for development proposals


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Large or small, we can help with your Land Surveying and Town Planning needs