Barker Monahan deals with a wide range of land use and development projects, including residential, commercial and industrial assignments.

We have excellent working with many specialised consultants including: traffic engineers, ecologists, heritage consultants, arborists and landscape architects.

Planning Applications

We at Barker Monahan pride ourselves on providing the best quality service to our clients. Our solutions result in you getting the best results from your land.

Our planning consultants work with both local government and private practice. As the most experienced consulting survey firm in Local Government matters in the Melbourne metropolitan area, we have a firm understanding of council processes along with excellent relationships with council officers.

We at Barker Monahan work closely with the client, designer and council officers to facilitate positive outcomes within project timelines.


Planning Reports

At Barker Monahan, we create detailed planning reports that assess the proposal against the range of policies, strategies and provisions of the planning scheme. We ensure that planning applications have the best chance at success.

We provide an assessment of the applications through an illustrative report. This report includes the integration of plans, photographs, graphics and maps.


Representation at Council Meetings

Often, planning applications must be presented in a public forum; whether it's a meeting with council officers, residents or even a formal council meeting.

We excel in professional representation at such forums where we focus on facilitating positive resolutions.

Representation at VCAT

The council decision of your planning application may be put in front of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), known as a 'merits hearing'.

A merits hearing at VCAT includes a review of the relevant town planning controls and policy documents that affect the site. As part of the preparation for a merits hearing, our role consists of an inspection of the property, liaison with the designer and the client, development of the appeal submission and presentation and advocacy at VCAT.

Often, VCAT will attempt to resolve the matter via a mediation hearing where the aim is to achieve a negotiated consent between parties prior to and without the need to proceed to a merits hearing. As a part of our services, we would represent the client’s interests at such hearings.

Planning Scheme Amendments

You need the support of both local and state government for an application to amend a planning scheme (e.g. change of zone, overlay or planning provision). A proposed planning scheme amendment, therefore, requires a detailed submission that justifies the request concerning state and local planning policy.

To satisfy this requirement, Barker Monahan prepares a detailed submission. We enhance this submission with a comprehensive report and a list of changes to the municipal planning scheme presented to the highest quality.

Throughout the amendment, we facilitate a smooth process, working closely with local and state government representatives. As part of this process, the amendment will be advertised to the general public.  We monitor the public exhibition, liaise with council officers, summarise and review any submissions as a result of the public notification process, and respond accordingly to council officers.

If any submissions are received to the amendment, it is required that an independent ministerial appointed panel hear the matter.  This panel will hear submissions from the objector(s), council and the applicant. Our role in this process is to brief lawyers and consultants, and attend the hearing in a support role or, if deemed appropriate by the planning lawyer, provide planning evidence at the panel hearing.

Ultimately the panel will report back to the minister with a copy of their recommendation to be provided to the council.



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