Barker Monahan’s town planning applications and reports will help you get the planning approval you need to kick-start your development.

At Barker Monahan we specialise in tailoring our town planning applications and reports to the specific needs of the proposal, the developer and the Council in which the development is taking place.

Whether you are building an extension, apartments or subdividing land, chances are you will need to submit a town planning report to your local Council for approval before any work can begin.

This is an important step of the process and ensures your Council’s town planning department has all the facts to ensure they can approve your development with confidence that the proper policies and procedures are being obliged and factors such as traffic management and waste management are being accounted for.

When is a town planning report required?

A town planning report is required for a wide range of works.

Here is an extensive list of projects which will require a town planning report:

  • New homes
  • Alterations to existing homes
  • Multi-unit dwelling developments
  • Apartment developments
  • Mixed-Use proposals
  • Commercial developments such as restaurants, offices and shops
  • Subdivision projects
  • Industrial developments
  • Land-use changes

What is a town planning report?

A town planning report is a crucial document in the town planning process.

This report will underpin the viability of your town planning application.

It is the document which is going to need to convince your local council and potential objectors that your development is compliant with all relevant rules and regulations.

This report will assess your project proposal against the policies, strategies and provisions of the planning scheme. In addition, the town planning report will provide an overview of its attributes and assist to justify why a development is appropriate for an area. Our town reports will include the following:

  • Photographs
  • High-quality maps
  • Plans
  • Graphics
  • Any other illustrations
  • Professionally presented in an A3-sized full colour document
  • An assessment of the Planning Policy Framework
  • An assessment of Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement
  • An assessment of Council’s local policies
  • An assessment against the zones and overlays that affect the site
  • An assessment of relevant decision guidelines within the planning scheme
  • An assessment of the Particular Provisions within the planning scheme
  • An assessment against Rescode (Clause 54 or 55) for dwelling developments
  • If necessary, an assessment against the apartment provisions

Entrusting Barker Monahan with your next town planning report

Barker Monahan brings over 50 years of experience to your next town planning application and report.

Our holistic range of town planning services and land surveying services ensures we are well-placed to help you organise and arrange everything you need to develop a strong application and accompanying report.

Barker Monahan is a trusted consultant to many of Melbourne’s local councils for their own land surveying and town planning work and many of our staff have great experience working within different councils.

This is important giving Barker Monahan a clear and distinct understanding of Melbourne’s various councils.

We understand that every Council and every project is different.

Expert Advice You Can Trust

This expert advice will ensure Barker Monahan can help you:

  • Analyse your plans for your property and provide pertinent advice on how your plans can be enhanced
  • Provide you honest and realistic feedback on your development plans before you start the application process
  • Prepare and submit a planning application
  • Prepare for potential objections and answer them if they present themselves
  • Represent you at VCAT
  • Provide expert evidence at VCAT

We understand the process from start to finish ensuring Barker Monahan can provide developers of all shapes and sizes a professional and holistic suite of services.

Specialist relationships to ensure your project goes to plan

Our ability to foster close working relationships with a number of specialized consultants, such as traffic engineers, architects, landscapers, heritage consultants, arborists and ecologists ensures your team of specialists works smoothly to achieve the best result possible.

Barker Monahan's town planning consultants in Melbourne bring absolute clarity to the matters at hand and combine expert advice from a wide range of specialists with the facts of the land and its surroundings to ensure a detailed planning process and application you can trust, from town planning applications to representation at council meetings.

Large or small, we can help with your Land Surveying and Town Planning needs