The Legacy of David Monahan

26 September, 2018

David Monahan is the lifeblood of Barker Monahan.

After partnering up with Ron Barker in the 1970s, David injected his hard-working mentality into the business. During their partnership, Ron mentored David through the process of providing excellent land surveying services, before retiring. This relationship helped build David into the land surveying expert and business leader he is today.

The journey of Barker Monahan wasn’t all smooth sailing. When the recession hit Australia, it hit hard, and a lot of businesses suffered and went under. But not Barker Monahan. Barker Monahan felt the pressure of Australia’s economic downturn, but with David at the head, the business stayed in the game.

David’s resilience and determination have made the business what it is today: the number one consultant to councils and local government and private landowners.

“I wouldn’t have worked as hard as I have if it wasn’t for customer service. It’s the ultimate driver.”

The Key to Business Success

Keeping clients happy is the most essential element of business success.

Customer loyalty is critical. They depend on the business and service delivery. There is nothing more rewarding than establishing a healthy, long-lasting business relationship with a customer and growing with them. Barker Monahan is built on trust, high morals and high standards customers grow with the business.

“Clients are the one important thing.”

Top 3 Rules to Live By:

Never compromise
Never compromise on standards. It’s not worth undermining your values for anyone.

Set your standards high
Set your standards high and stick to them! Even when it doesn’t seem profitable at the time; stick to your high standards and people will remember you for it.

Never Compare
Do your own thing in business. Do your best, never compromise and don’t worry about what the other guy is doing.

David’s Top 3 Drivers:

Dedication to clients results in constant, high-quality service.

A firm determination is the essence of business success. It’s the internal strength you need to carry the business forward and support your employees.

David is a committed family man. Supporting his family is the greatest motivator in his life. He also takes the careers of his employees seriously.

David would never have handed the reins of Barker Monahan over to Terrain Consulting Group Consultants if not for their set of standards that reflect his own. After a long career, David has happily passed on the torch so he can settle down and enjoy retirement.

“Terrain Consulting Group will keep up the same standards which I try to set. And that’s very comforting.”

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